Andrew Zimmern enjoying the charcoal sauna at Chamsutgama

The Travel Channel this past week aired the South Korea episode of Bizarre Foods where they found my ultimate idea of bliss: A combination sauna / barbeque. Host Andrew Zimmern as part of his travels in Korea visited the Chamsutgama, a JimJilBang and restaurant in the suburbs of Seoul.

A short clip of the scene is available here, in “South Korea Highlights 2” around the 2:00 minute mark. The full episode can be purchased on Bizarre Foods - Bizarre Foods, Vol. 4 - Seoul, South Korea.

From the looks of it, the sauna is heated with the same stove used to cook the facility’s barbecue meats.

I tracked down the facility’s website, which is all in Korean. The text on the pages is there as images, so web translating programs can’t do much with it. If you’ve been there or know more about it, please leave information in the comments.

(I’ve done my fair share of traveling in Korea, and have eaten many of the foods highlighted here, including the octopus sashimi. And you thought peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth.)

[Chamsugama] on Bizarre Foods via Jaunted

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