The US Department of Agriculture – the government agency charged with maintaining the safety of all foods in the USA – has just released a new public service announcement showing the proper way to use a sauna:

  • A young woman is clad only in a towel,
  • She is sitting on the top bench, to get the best effect from the sauna,
  • She makes the sauna feel hotter by sprinkling a ladle of water onto the rocks,
  • The stove has plenty of rocks,
  • The temperature is shown at 90°F, but we’ll assume that the thermometer is labeled wrong, and it’s really 90°C (194°F), which is a very respectable temperature for a sauna, and
  • A pig is singing relaxing sounds to the woman.

Wait, what is that pig doing in the sauna?

This is a public service campaign by the USDA, but its goal is not to encourage sauna use with your livestock, but to help eliminate food poisoning by reminding US home cooks to check the temperature of their foods with a thermometer before serving them.

Of course, the pig is an interesting choice for this ad, since the USDA just lowered their recommended safe temperature for cooking pork from 160to 145°F (71 to 63°C).

It is also interesting since the displayed temperature in the sauna, while much too low for a real sauna, is right in the middle of the “danger zone” for safely storing foods.

Personally, we’ll keep our pig out of the sauna, and put it into a more appropriate heat therapy device.

via The Atlantic.

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