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Inside Sauna Obscura (photo by Heidi Lunabba)

Inside Sauna Obscura (photo by Heidi Lunabba)

Turku, Finland is approaching their turn as one of the European Capitals of Culture for 2011 in a traditionally Finnish way: Their SaunaLab project is elevating the sauna to art.

There are four saunas being built for this festival:

  • The Hot Cube is a minimalistic sauna in a cube shape that sits over a river. Sauna bathers can look through the open floor to watch the river flowing below.
  • The Solaris-sauna is a transparent sauna that has been installed in the town square.
  • Sauna Obscura allows you to sauna inside of a camera. Special optics on this floating sauna project the surroundings onto the walls and bathers in the sauna.
  • The Sounding Dome Sauna is shaped like a garlic bulb and has its own sound scape that changes with the temperature and humidity inside of the sauna.

The saunas will be open to the public from June 1 through August 21 of this year. All of the saunas except the Hot Cube can be used individually for about €10 per person. Groups can reserve a sauna for 50 minutes for € 60 €100.  Advance tickets may be purchased via the Sauna Lab website.

If you plan to use one of the saunas, the organizers are requesting you wear a swimsuit. You need to provide your own swimsuit and towel.

Additional sauna related art works are on display throughout the year, including several photo exhibitions. The full list of what is happening and when is available on the city’s website.

If you are planning to go, Turku is about two hours drive from Helsinki. You can book a hotel with a sauna for your stay on our website.

via The Independent

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